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Class instructor is very organized in her teaching abilities. Very clear and is ready to help if the student is not clear. Easily approachable at any time. She gives variations in case there is scarcity in any ingredients and often uses locally available and reasonable ingredients.
Sonia Mithander, Student in Cooking Class in Charni Road
This is a very good cooking class. The teacher is very friendly and helps out even if we don’t have any idea about basics of cooking. The dishes we made taste just like they do in a restaurant. This is the best class ever.
Hemisha Vashram Patel, Student in Cooking Class in Andheri
I have traveled to Dubai for cake decoration courses but never heard about this studio in Mumbai. Very good instructors. Loved every bit of the class and will come for more.
Myvelia Mendes , Student in Cake Decoration Course in Dadar
It’s an amazing experience whether you love to cook or not. Once you come here to learn from a guide to teach you with a kind, warm heart it’s a very good experience.
Rhea Santos, Student in Baking Class in Malad
The instructor made the chocolate making course very interesting for an amateur like me. I had no prior experience of chocolate making but Rakesh sir taught with practicals and cleared all the doubts very effectively. I really enjoyed the workshop and it has given me an altogether new perspective to chocolate making.
Priti Jagtap, Student in Chocolate Making Course in Dadar

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Khana Khazana: Our Inspiration

Cooking as an art in India became popular with TV shows like Khana Khazana. Khana Khazana has had more than 2000 episodes since it first began in 1993. We look at Khana Khazana as one of our biggest inspirations for building an aggregator for cooking classes in Mumbai and beyond.

How birthday cakes played a key role in the making of ActivityDeck

Birthday cakes play a very special role in our lives. We once had a very bad experience with a bakery where we had ordered a couple of birthday cakes from. The occasion that we were trying to celebrate was ruined because of a spoiled birthday cake. In a rush to salvage the situation we contacted a home baker who delivered a birthday cake which was at once delicious and amazing designed. We found out later that the home baker had actually taken cake decoration courses to start operating a professional cake decoration business from home. And we realized that there were many more amazing people like her who were taking classes for baking and cooking from home and needed a single platform to market themselves.

Why learn cooking/baking/chocolate making and what not

Let us give you a few superb reasons why you might want to learn the above

Making something by hand is a great way to give birthday greetings or for that matter greetings on any special occasion to a loved one
Imagine that it's your father's birthday who on this special occasion decides to pay you a visit at your home in Mumbai. Because you are an independent young adult, you stay away from family. You wonder how you can give a personalized birthday greeting to your dad. You go to greeting shops looking for birthday greetings, you visit bakeries to find customized birthday cakes but nothing really suits the occasion. So what do you do? Since you a proactive and loving son or daughter and you know your dad better than anyone else in the world, you decide to make a cake all by yourself. You find an amazing cake recipe, bake a cake in the oven and to add to the fun custom decorate it with your freshly learned cake decoration skills. Now don't you think that's the best birthday greeting ever?

Now, let’s say your dad is diabetic and absolute can't have a cake because it filled with sugar which isn’t very healthy after all. So what do you do now? Well, we have the answer for you. You can come to our site, find an amazing Indian recipe because, well, your dad loves Indian food, and then recreate that Indian recipe at home to celebrate your dad's birthday.

Going beyond fathers, don't you think you will also be able to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend with a delicious Indian recipe and your cutting edge culinary skills?